Heat Treatment

This is an add-on module, available through an in-app purchase. It is used to validate pasteurization or sterilization processes. This validation is based on a calculation that requires some parameters. ExpressThermo allows you to save templates so you can use them recurrently, without having to introduce the necessary input values every time.


On the left side of this editor, you will see the list of all saved heat treatment validation templates, if any (A). Right below, you’ll find buttons that allow you to add  (B), edit (C) and delete (D) a template. When adding a new template or editing an existing one, you will see its details on the right side of this editor. The template name (E), the kind of unit calculation to be performed: pasteurization or sterilization (F) and the input values (G, H and I).

Let’s go a bit in depth on what these values mean.
Tref (G) refers to the reference temperature, Tmin (H) is the minimum temperature (temperature bellow which there is no contribution to the process) and Z (I) indicates the temperature variation required to reduce the bacteria count by a factor of 10.

Based on these values, ExpressThermo will compute the number of Pasteurization Units (PU) or Sterilization Units (F0), depending of your choice (F). Where 1 PU represents the heating up to 60°C for 1 minute and 1 F0 stands for the heating up to 121,111 °C also for 1 minute.

Pressing the save button (J) will make your changes effective and saved in the template’s file. This file will be placed in the templates folder (see Settings » Advanced). To cancel your changes or just to close the edition panel, press the cancel button (K).

Once you have saved your templates, you can use them on the Main page. Just download a logger or open a file with the heat treatment log data, reach for the commands bar and press the “Plot Heat Treatment” button, choosing the template you wish to use.
You will see a new line added to the chart with the PU ou F0 calculations result.

Important: The calculation of Pasteurization (or Sterilization) Units is a mathematical model and provides a theoretical value.
It is important to periodically verify the process through bacteriological analyses of processed products.


You can find more detailed information about the process in the Statistics tab (A).